What We Provide


At Charles River Recovery we understand that recovery from an addiction is not one-size-fits-all. We offer individualized treatment programs and levels of care to best meet each client’s treatment goals. Our team of expert clinicians, physicians, and other addiction treatment specialists will design your personalized treatment plan after a thorough assessment and assist you in determining the most suitable and effective level of care for your circumstances.

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Medication-Assisted Recovery has proven to be significantly beneficial for recovery from opioid and alcohol use disorders by helping to reduce cravings and symptoms of withdrawal, which often trigger an individual to relapse. Medication-Assisted Treatment is incorporated into our varying levels of care and transformational treatment programs on an individual basis.  


Dual diagnosis refers to the clinical method for treating both a mental health condition as well a substance use disorder at the same time.  At Charles River Recovery, co-occurring disorders are addressed by a team of experts who collaborate to create a tailored treatment plan. Mental health professionals and addiction specialists work together to ensure the patient’s specific needs, related to their mental health as well as recovery, are met. Patients can begin to heal and profit from dual diagnosis therapy with the help of our multi-dimensional team.