Treatment Programs

Comprehensive Continuum of Treatment: Discover the Different Levels of Care at Charles River

At Charles River Recovery we understand that recovery from an addiction is not one-size-fits-all. We offer individualized treatment programs and levels of care to best meet each client’s treatment goals. Our team of expert clinicians, physicians, and other addiction treatment specialists will design your personalized treatment plan after a thorough assessment and assist you in determining the most suitable and effective level of care for your circumstances.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Detoxification is the first step in your treatment journey. This involves cleansing your system of any remaining drugs or alcohol. The severity of withdrawal symptoms is determined by the substance you are dependent on and the length of time you have been using. Detoxing can be life-threatening in some situations, and it is important that you are under the supervision of a medical professional during this stage. At Charles River Recovery, detoxification is medically managed by licensed professionals in a medical setting. Patients are observed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To help patients cope with detox symptoms, our medical team can prescribe safe, non-habit-forming medications.

Medication Assisted Recovery

Medication-Assisted Recovery has proven to be significantly beneficial for recovery from opioid and alcohol use disorders by helping to reduce cravings and symptoms of withdrawal, which often trigger an individual to relapse. Medication-Assisted Treatment is incorporated into our varying levels of care and transformational treatment programs on an individual basis. Our integrated approach at Charles River recognizes the effectiveness of Medication-Assisted Recovery, utilizing evidence-based practices to customize treatment plans that incorporate medication, counseling, and support services. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care that addresses the unique needs of each individual, promoting lasting recovery and improved quality of life.

Clinical Stablization Services

After completing detox, patients are often referred to our all-inclusive Clinical Stabilization Services program. Charles River Recovery’s CSS Inpatient Program offers patients round-the-clock care and monitoring under the supervision of expert medical professionals and licensed clinicians. We understand that every individual has different strengths, weaknesses, and goals related to their recovery which is why our CSS program was designed to provide personalized yet comprehensive care. During your stay with us, you will participate in an intensive medical and evidence-based therapeutic program. Experience personalized and comprehensive care in Charles River's CSS Inpatient Program.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis refers to the clinical method for treating both a mental health condition as well a substance use disorder at the same time. At Charles River Recovery, co-occurring disorders are addressed by a team of experts who collaborate to create a tailored treatment plan. Mental health professionals and addiction specialists work together to ensure the patient’s specific needs, related to their mental health as well as recovery, are met. Patients can begin to heal and profit from dual diagnosis therapy with the help of our multi-dimensional team. At Charles River Recovery, our expert team addresses co-occurring disorders through tailored treatment plans that integrate mental health and addiction care, promoting holistic healing and recovery.

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